Lend Me a Tenor

a comedy-farce set in September, 1934 at the Grand Opera House in Cleveland, Ohio


Ken Ludwig

Tracy Notes About This Show

We have the matching Othello costumes available in varying sizes, the blackface makeup and wigs to complete the characters, and the special makeup product to keep the makeup and costumes separate from each other! Request our Showplot™ for details.

Plot Synopsis

This night in September of 1934 is the biggest in the history of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company as world famous tenor Tito Morelli, Il Stupendo, is to perform Otello, his greatest role, at the gala season opener. Saunders, the theatre's General Manager, hopes this will put Cleveland on the operatic map. Morelli is late; when he finally sweeps in it is too late to rehearse with the company. Through a hilarious series of mishaps, Il Stupendo is given a double dose of tranquilizers which mix with the booze he has consumed and he passes out. His pulse is so low that Saunders and his assistant Max believe he is dead. What to do? Max is an aspiring singer and Saunders persuades him to get into Morelli's Otello costume and try to fool the audience into thinking he's Il Stupendo. Max succeeds admirably, but Morelli wakes up and gets into his other costume. Now the two Otellos are running around in costume and two women are running around in lingerie, each thinking she is with Il Stupendo! (Samuel French)

Thanks and Credits

production photos kindness of Winnacunnet High School, Hampton, NH

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